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Mykonos Gold Yachting stands as your premier destination for discovering top-tier sailing yacht charters in Greece & the Mediterranean, encompassing a wide array of sailboats and crewed catamarans. Immerse yourself in our exceptional collection of sailing yachts and catamaran rentals in Greece as you embark on a journey under the radiant Greek sun. Our meticulously curated selection guarantees an unparalleled charter experience that will create lasting memories for even the most discerning travelers. With highly experienced and dedicated crews on board each of our selected sailing yachts, rest assured that your every need will be met with outstanding service and excellence.
Whether you seek the intimacy of a sailboat or the spacious luxury of a crewed catamaran, our team is here to tailor your sailing yacht experience to perfection. Contact us today to share your requirements and preferences, allowing us to match you with the best sailing yacht charter in Greece that aligns seamlessly with your vision.
Embark on an unforgettable journey with Mykonos Gold Yachting, where we have honed the art of crafting exceptional sailing holidays for over 15 years against the backdrop of Greece's picturesque beauty. Beginning our legacy on the captivating island of Mykonos, our charter services have since expanded their reach to encompass the stunning Greek waters and the enchanting Mediterranean region. 

Why charter a sailing yacht in Greece?

Greece stands as a realm steeped in myth and legend, revered for its abundance of islands, ideal for island hopping, and tranquil enclaves. The landscape is a tapestry of whitewashed dwellings, churches adorned with turquoise rooftops, and lush green hills that beckon. With favorable weather year-round, bolstered by strong winds, crystalline waters, and an array of stunning anchorages, Greece holds unparalleled allure as a premier sailing destination that captivates yachts from near and far.
Greece emerges as the quintessential sailing haven in Europe, graced with a temperate southern Mediterranean climate that prolongs the sailing season to nearly eight months. With over 13,000 kilometers of coastline and more than 6,000 scattered islands and islets resembling glistening jewels on the sea, each locale invites you to revel in endless swims, savor renowned Greek cuisine, and bask in the splendor of a Greek summer spent by the seashores. Greece truly lays claim to being a sailor's paradise.
Amidst the myriad of islands and limited time available, the diverse sailing regions in Greece present a delightful dilemma of choice, prompting many of our guests to return time and again for their next sailing adventure. There always exists another captivating island to discover and another idyllic beach to laze upon.

Optimal times for chartering sailboats and catamarans in Greece

Seasoned charterers often laud late spring, from May to June, and late summer, spanning September to early October, as the prime periods for embarking on a sailing yacht charter in Greece. The weather remains favorable, and the islands exude a more serene ambiance compared to the bustling summer months. However, availability of sailboats and crewed catamaran charters may become limited during the summer peak, underscoring the importance of securing reservations well in advance. For those yearning to embrace the authentic Greek lifestyle, April and October offer a lesser-visited yet rewarding experience, characterized by milder temperatures, fewer crowds, and enticing off-season deals. While many establishments may exhibit reduced operating hours, or may have not opened during these months, early and late season sailing ventures in Greece bestow a magical and distinctive experience.

Crewed Catamaran Charters & Sailing Yachts

For those seeking the epitome of charter luxury, our crewed catamaran charters and sailing yachts epitomize a carefree and sumptuous sailing experience in Greece. This option caters to individuals desiring a laid-back sojourn, where every detail, from expert navigation to gourmet meals and personalized itineraries, is meticulously managed by skilled crew members. Our range of crewed charters encompasses elite sailing yachts and catamarans to rent, while aficionados of motor yachts and power catamarans can revel in a thrilling experience on our exclusive fleet. A crewed charter with Mykonos Gold transcends mere holidaying; it's an all-inclusive odyssey where you are the esteemed guest, and the Greek Isles your exclusive playground.

Sailing Yacht Charters

Sailing yachts epitomize the classic allure of sailing, designed for effortless manoeuvrability as they glide gracefully through the azure waters, enabling passengers to embrace the natural splendour of the Greek seas. Though sailing yachts boast a slightly slower pace than other vessels and exhibit a distinctive leaning motion when winds gust, these characteristics contribute to the nostalgic charm of traditional sailing escapades. With their timeless aesthetic and tranquil voyage, sailing yachts provide an ideal option for those seeking an eco-friendly and relaxed sailing experience in Greece. At Mykonos Gold, we proudly showcase a diverse selection of contemporary and well-maintained vintage sailing yachts crafted by renowned shipyards. Whether your voyage entails an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, we offer a spectrum of yachts tailored to your preferences.

Crewed Catamaran Charters

Catamarans emerge as the preferred option for those yearning for ample space and a stable, comfortable voyage. Defined by their twin-hull configuration, catamarans exhibit minimal rocking motion compared to sailing yachts, presenting an ideal option for novice sailors or individuals prone to seasickness. The shallower draft of catamarans allows for closer proximity to shorelines, enhancing accessibility to pristine beaches. Delivering a smooth and spacious journey, catamarans afford a relaxing and comfortable sailing retreat, thus constituting a favored selection for debut charterers in Greece. Ideal for families and larger groups, the generous cabins and expansive deck space on catamarans ensure a comfortable voyage, with each cabin typically featuring a private washroom, a convenience appreciated by parents traveling with adolescent children. The heightened comfort and roominess associated with crewed catamaran charters place them at a premium tier relative to monohull sailing yachts.
For expert guidance and personalized assistance in coordinating your sailing yacht charter through the enchanting waters of Greece, we encourage you to reach out to us. Join us at Mykonos Gold Yachting for a seamless and extraordinary sailing adventure that promises to exceed your expectations in every possible aspect.


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