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Mykonos Gold offers the ultimate experience for a motor yacht charter in Greece and the Mediterranean. With us, you can have an insight to all private crewed luxury motor yachts for charter in Greece, and the best available offers. Choose from our vast variety of motor yachts in Greece & the Mediterranean, and contact us to be informed about availability and rates. Here you will find the boat charters in the Greek market for season 2023. We can suggest you the most suitable options for yacht charters in Athens as an embarkation point, or anywhere else in Greece you prefer!
Planning a dreamy yacht charter in Greece may seem like a straightforward notion, but bringing this vision to life often involves diligent effort and the expertise of a local specialist well-versed in tailoring your ideal charter experience. At Mykonos Gold Yachting, we go above and beyond in curating the perfect yacht for you, weaving in unforgettable moments destined to linger in your memories long after your voyage.

Luxury Motor Yacht Charters

Motor yachts are all about luxury and speed. Venturing into the realm of private yachts in Greece and motor yacht charters opens a gateway to luxury and rapid transits. Characterized by multiple levels boasting expansive living spaces and lavish bedrooms, these vessels offer swift navigation propelled by robust engines, ideal for those keen on exploring diverse locales efficiently and making a striking impression wherever they dock. Our selection of modern motor yachts for charter in Greece & the Mediterranean region, features plush interiors equipped with cutting-edge entertainment systems, ensuring a blend of opulence and comfort. Although they may consume more fuel and necessitate the expertise of a professional crew, the allure of indulging in luxury and speed aboard a motor yacht comes with a premium price tag, making it the ultimate choice for those seeking a high-end, fast-paced voyage adorned with modern amenities.
Exploring the spectrum of luxury yacht carter options, motor yachts emerge as an enduring favorite, boasting an array of versatile spaces conducive to group enjoyment across a variety of sizes. Owing to their ample dimensions, motor yachts host a multitude of amenities, from spacious staterooms to on-deck Jacuzzis, onboard cinemas, bars, relaxation areas, indoor-outdoor dining options, and wellness facilities complete with saunas and spas. With abundant storage capacity, large motor yachts also house an assortment of water toys and tenders, catering to water enthusiasts, families, or individuals considering chartering out their vessel. The sheer diversity in yacht styles and hulls ensures that you're spoiled for choice, enabling you to select a vessel based on your intended usage and preferences.
For those inclined toward high-speed thrills, an open or sports-style yacht beckons with its sleek design, swiftness, and spacious layout conducive to alfresco living. Conversely, displacement yachts promise vast volumes, extensive range, and suitability for extended journeys, while semi-displacement yachts strike a balance between speed, spaciousness, and performance. Intrepid explorers may gravitate toward explorer or expedition yachts, tailored for off-the-beaten-path voyages to remote, exotic destinations. Fishing aficionados might favor sportsfisher yachts, crafted to deliver a luxurious angling experience. Classic-style yachts exude timeless elegance, while hybrid yachts prioritize environmental consciousness by leveraging advanced green technologies. At Mykonos Gold, our diverse fleet encompasses various motor yacht categories, ensuring a comprehensive selection to cater to your unique preferences and voyage ambitions.
From your first contact with us and throughout your charter, be assured that our dedicated management and staff stand ready to address any concerns that may arise, maintaining continuous availability via direct phone or email support 24/7. Upholding a commitment to exemplary customer service and satisfaction, we are unwavering in our dedication to meeting the highest standards of quality. Our primary objective is to meticulously plan and execute your private yacht charter, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable experience tailored to perfection.


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